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Everyday society becomes more relaxed about social issues and norms, what to wear is becoming less important.  Business attire is now business casual. Instead of Sunday best, it is come as you are. Most of society doesn't want to get dressed up anymore.  I do like to relax but dang it when do I get to wear my beautiful clothes without being overdress? It's a sad phase in fashion seeing T-shirts all the time, every outfit requiring ripped jeans and spandex is no longer a faux pas. Don't get me wrong...I enjoy stretch material like elastane, lycra and yes spandex too but I miss softer fabrics against my skin.  Eco-friendly fabrics such as silk, lien and cotton are replace with polyester and rayon.  Look in your closet and peek inside your clothing tags, what do you see?

Did you know the textiles we wear can be harmful to the environment. This fact blows my mind. Please know, I am consistently looking for textiles more eco-friendly.  My summer collection reflect clothing choices to incorporate less harmful fabrics. 

My choice to insert organic fabrics is difficult considering the lack of high fashion clothing and organic textiles accessible to buyers. It's rare to find a distributer offering eco-friendly fabrics and trendy designs.

Glamour is not dead got dam it...It's just on the shelf. I guess that's why vintage clothing is in high demand. What are your thoughts? Do you agree style norms are going down hill or does it depends on your demographics?


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